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Promoting Essential Learning at UW-Madison (and beyond)

Let us know about your LEAP-related activities!

We know that many people at all levels across the UW-Madison campus engage in activities that promote the goals of liberal education. We're always interested in hearing what you do. Please send information to emklein@ls.wisc.edu, or contact one of the UW-Madison LEAP liaisons.


UW-Madison LEAP liaisons:

  • Professor Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor
    Department of German
  • Associate Dean Nancy Westphal-Johnson
    Undergraduate Education and Academic Administration
    College of Letters and Science


Do you want to incorporate the Essential Learning Outcomes into your program, or to assess student learning in these areas?

Please feel free to use this template, which provides a simple framework for assessing student learning in terms of what they know, can do, or value in the essential learning outcome areas, as found in the distinctive context provided by your program. Users will note that this framework can be applied in academic, co-curricular, and student service programs.

We'll be happy to share examples, too, so feel free to send them to us c/o Assistant Dean Elaine Klein (emklein@ls.wisc.edu).