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Who's Involved?

It is the nature of this project that "like-minded" people and groups will adopt and promote this type of learning. Thus we see discussion of "Essential Learning," and the promotion of "The Wisconsin Experience," in many places on campus - wherever learning takes place. As a result, many people and groups are involved in promoting Essential Learning at UW-Madison, including (but not limited to) the Chancellor and Provost, the Dean of Students, the University-wide General Education Committee, advising units and groups of advisers from across campus, student organizations, and faculty and staff from a range of disciplines. We are all part of, and can promote, Essential Learning and the distinctive UW-Madison learning experience.


The Convergence Group

Many activities promoting Essential Learning are coordinated by a group that is loosely known as the "Convergence" group. This group consists of a small set of "early adopters" of LEAP on the UW-Madison campus. These individuals are not the only people who have an interest in LEAP or in Essential Learning, but they meet periodically to discuss how to promote the project and have a campus-wide impact. A fundamental principle of this project is that no entity or group is vested with sole responsibility for promoting LEAP - rather, interested members of our university community are invited to develop and enact LEAP-related endeavors adapted to the interest, expertise, and mission of their sphere of influence. Members of the convergence group are happy to advise, to collaborate when possible, to adverstise, and to promote activities and events.

In addition to the two UW-Madison LEAP liaisons, the "convergers" include the following people. Where possible, we've included links to websites relevant to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Experience and Essential Learning.

We describe this as a "convergence" because that term seems to capture the way in which various groups have adopted (or embraced) the LEAP learning goals. We envision that many groups across campus will become sites of convergence around this topic.

You can get involved, too!

Contact one of the UW-Madison LEAP liaisons to find out how. Their information is available on the Contact Us page.